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Blakeley Barker

Blakeley Barker

Agency Director / Principal-Agent

Blakeley has spent 15 years in the commercial insurance industry, where she has learned the many nuances of different businesses and owners. Implementing a higher level of service to each client has enabled her to truly make a difference in the insurance industry. Blakeley’s passion for helping people comes from a deep-rooted belief in the Laws of Karma. By acting with integrity and intent, she sets a moral standard that guides her through difficult decisions.

Blakeley grew up in Shepherdstown, WV, before moving to Hagerstown, MD, where she started working as a Patient Care Coordinator/Marketing Director for a physical therapy group. By immersing herself in the community, she learned that service would set her apart from her peers. From there, she was offered a position in the commercial insurance industry – and she never looked back. In December 2019, Blakeley was appointed to the Maryland Property and Casualty Producer Licensing Advisory Board. Working alongside the Maryland Insurance Administration through the navigation of COVID-19 proved to be invaluable for her growth. She realized there was going to be a huge shift in how consumers would pursue insurance in the future.

Blakeley was introduced to Mr. Randall Simpson and his amazing staff at WLR Automotive Group in 2017. After diving in as their commercial insurance agent, Blakeley was able to help facilitate a risk-conscious culture, which merged with the overall company culture. The new perspective has evolved into her current position as Agency Director of WLR Insurance Solutions. She’s excited about stepping into this role and helping introduce a new concept to commercial insurance consumers in and around Maryland.

Reach out to Blakeley: 240-329-6038 | [email protected]

Gina Brown

Gina Brown

Operations Manager

Gina graduated from Hagerstown Community College and the University of Maryland College Park with degrees in Business Administration, Paralegal Studies and Government and Politics. She now calls Washington County, MD home. Gina considers it a privilege to be surrounded by history and natural beauty, never tiring of nature trails and local stories.

Gina’s insurance journey began in 2009 as a side effect of the Great Recession. While she didn’t expect to find a home in the industry, she found herself surrounded by a robust plethora of information and a delightful number of individuals with a sense of humor (albeit often a very dry one) – luckily for her, knowledge and laughter are two things she loves.

The WLR Insurance Solutions family has welcomed Gina with open collaboration and enthusiasm to help build a system designed to respond to and encompass clients in their insurance experience. Gina is very grateful to have worked with many insurance leaders in the area who have taught her the value of trusting herself and the value of the insurance process as a means to protect our community.

Gina looks forward to working with the WLR Insurance Solutions team and uplifting our community one business at a time.

Reach out to Gina: 240-432-2759 | [email protected]

Jeremiah Rickard

Jeremiah Rickard

Sales Manager

Jeremiah’s late great-uncle mentored and instilled in him the “old school” values that are crucial for success – such as a strong work ethic, kindness, respect and implementing a high level of customer service. These core values have been instrumental in laying the foundation for Jeremiah’s professional career.

Jeremiah has spent most of his professional career in funeral service. In his two decades of service, his position enabled him to create and foster strong relationships with nonprofit organizations and a myriad of business owners. Jeremiah was born and raised in Charles Town, WV. While maintaining full-time employment at the funeral home, Jeremiah graduated from Shepherd College and attended PIMS (University of Pittsburgh). After spending more than two decades making a positive impact in his community, Jeremiah realized charisma and humor can make all the difference in the sales world. He wants his clients to know they are his only priority.

Jeremiah recently transitioned into the world of commercial insurance with WLR Insurance Solutions, as the company’s core values mirror his own. Jeremiah believes WLR Insurance Solutions will enable and encourage him to become more involved in the community.

Reach out to Jeremiah: 304-283-2487 | [email protected]

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