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We understand that navigating the complexities of commercial insurance can be daunting – and confusing – whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation. That’s why we want to make finding the best solution for your business as easy as possible.

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What are the benefits of working with an independent agent?

Independent agents have access to multiple carriers. As a result, their clients benefit from a competitive environment. Viewing multiple quotes should be simple, and your partner agent should help you understand how the coverages vary among them.

How do I decide which agent is the best fit for my business?

It’s very important that business owners take a deeper dive when selecting an agency, as there are many differentiating factors. Ask yourself a few questions: What is their mission statement? Do their philosophies and values match yours? Does the team have the experience and knowledge to properly advise your business? It’s very important to align your business with a partner, not just an agency.

What type of insurance do I need?

Business insurance needs are slightly different from company to company. Your specific needs will depend on the nature of your business and its individual risk factors. Most businesses need several types of coverage. These individual needs should be discoverable in the first meeting with your agency partner.

What factors affect my premiums?

Several factors can come into play when looking at your policy premiums. Things like deductibles, claims, location, coverages, size of business and number of employees are all variable factors. Some businesses are rated higher than others, so there’s a premium spectrum. In order to get the best rates for your business, make sure that you understand what your business factors are and discuss them with your partner agent.

Why is my insurance premium so high?

Insurance carriers are feeling the impact of inflation just like consumers. Costs for things like materials, labor and construction have increased across the board. The increase is also attributed to natural catastrophes, an increase in accidents and deaths caused by distracted driving, higher medical costs and a rise in the cost of vehicle repairs. Most commercial lines of insurance are likely to continue to rise. Make sure your business has a partner agent who can help you navigate these turbulent times. 

What is an audit?

Audits are processes to verify the accuracy of premiums and classifications. They verify that the projected and actual payrolls or revenues match. If your payroll or revenue is more or less than what was estimated, the carrier will either return the premium to you or bill for it.

Should I request a certificate of insurance?

Yes. A certificate is intended to be a real-time snapshot of existing coverage. They should be current and issued directly to you or your business before any work begins. Information specific to each job can be included in the certificate description. 

How do I file a claim?

Filing a claim should be an easy process. Most carriers allow consumers to file claims directly to them through their website or by calling a direct claim reporting number. Prepare yourself to respond to inquiries regarding your claim and to offer further supporting materials. Not all claims are the same. Your partner agent can be a great resource – don’t forget to call them too.  


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